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Why is a Sales Pipeline so important for a Sales Manager?
16 February, 2023 by
Why is a Sales Pipeline so important for a Sales Manager?
Bingoforge Pvt. Ltd., Zubin Bilimoria
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Selling is an Art and they say if you master this Art  “You can sell a comb to a bald Man”.  A salesperson sells different products, it could be a product or service. Selling if enjoyed could be very exciting and challenging. Sales Managers I have known for the last couple of years enjoy what they do. However, there are many pain points that are never addressed and he has to deal with them on a day-to-day basis. Here is a solution that will help them manage all sales processes with ease and increase efficiency. 

Managing a Sales Pipeline is one of the most important functions of a Sales Manager's responsibility. Sales teams without a proper sales CRM manage their day-to-day queries in planners or diaries. Then came the process of adding these to an Excel spreadsheet. None of the above solutions really work as foolproof solutions in the present times.  Well in the days when there was no CRM, these were the only solutions. Sales Managers need a more foolproof system, where they can create their requisition, and map all requirements here as well. The ability to create direct proposals, contracts, follow-up action and mark opportunities as WON or LOST as well. 

The Hotel Sales Automation CRM solutions i.e. myhotelCRM, allow you to add a follow-up activity to all your opportunities in a sales pipeline. Adding a follow-up or setting a reminder to tasks is critical so that one is able to reach out and action customer requirements on time and not lose the opportunity to competition. Timely follow-up also provides the customer with more confidence in the Sales Manager as well as the Hotel Chain / Property. Time is money in any business and with more hotel options, competition becomes more competitive. 

A Sales Pipeline streamlines your sales and helps understand where a Sales Manager is in his/her sales stage of the pipeline. It also shows how close you are progressing to closing a sale, what is the expected revenue from a single query as well as a complete sales cycle stage. 

Some of the other benefits of using a Sales CRM and managing a Sales Pipeline is to mark and track lost opportunities. These allow us to study the loss trend and work towards making better-informed decisions on how to address lost business as well. Not to forget the amazing reports that can be viewed and customised as per a user's needs. 

Bingoforge is a leading Hotel Sales CRM partner to over 200 hotels, the product is named myhotelCRM. Some of the other modules in the CRM include a complete Contact Management app, a Lead Management app, Proposal & Contract app, an RFP Rate Management app Flexi Dashboard, Expense Management, an Email Marketing app, and PMS interface and more.  

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