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Why should you implement CRM for your hotel?
Zubin Bilimoria, CEO @ Bingoforge
10 February, 2023 by
Why should you implement CRM for your hotel?
Bingoforge Pvt. Ltd., Zubin Bilimoria
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CRM known as Customer Relationship Management is a growing need in today’s hospitality industry. A Sales CRM Tool or also known as Sales Automation is slowly becoming a must-have for Hoteliers.  This is especially true for Hotels & Resorts in MICE business i.e. Banquet and Event Spaces. However, it is not limited to larger hotels but can be used by small inventory hotels as well. 

Coming back to the question of “Why should I implement a CRM for my Hotel?”’ Well, there are many reasons, however, most hotels work without a Sales CRM. This results in a loss of opportunities, more manual excel data work, no proper forecasting, scattered data, difficult reporting, accountability challenges and in maintaining lead and follow-up. 

Hoteliers, start working smart and not hard. A lot of time and resources are wasted with manual data energy work. Sales Managers need to focus more on Sales Closures rather than data work and extensive reports. 

A Sales CRM helps a Sales Manager to manage complex and time-sensitive tasks i.e. sending proposals, managing the pipeline of opportunities, and timely follow-up on these opportunities, besides storing all customer information and relevant data. Sales operations can get complicated and difficult to manage and the right Hospitality  Sales Tool is a must.  

Bingoforge provides the Best Hotel Sales CRM, which has been designed by Zubin Bilimoria, CEO of Bingoforge who brings three decades of expertise in Hotel Sales & Distribution. The product is called myhotelCRM and is an all-in-one software for hotel sales and operations. 

One of the biggest advantages of using a CRM is that you have all the DATA at a click of a button which is the biggest resource for your business. The Bingoforge, myhotelCRM also interfaces with any third-party solution provider i.e. PMS, IVR, Social Media, Emails, WhatsApp etc. Now manage Daily Sales Reports using a CRM-interfaced mobile application to record call visits in real-time. 

Bingoforge is one of the few Hotel Sales CRM Solution partners for Hotels whose focus is to help the Hospitality Industry with a Complete Hospitality CRM Solution. The aim is to enable Hotel Partners of any size to maximise their Sales Team Revenues. 

Bingoforge Pvt. Ltd, today partners with over 200 Hotels, Resorts and Clubs across India.

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