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How has myhotelCRM Mobile App Improved Hotel Sales
27 March, 2024 by
How has myhotelCRM Mobile App Improved Hotel Sales
Jonathan Pimento
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In the present scenario fast-paced hospitality industry, effective sales strategies are the key to success. Luckily, our myhotelCRM app is here to revolutionize the way hotel sales managers operate.  

It’s a complete user-friendly interface and its innovative features will transform how hotel sales managers operate. Herewith, we are providing you with its functions, which are below  

Business Card Scanner  

One of the vital functions of the app is the business card scanner. This scanner is perfect for networking events where cards often get lost. By scanning cards, you can instantly digitize contact information and save it directly to your hotel sales manager profile, ensuring you never miss a lead.  

Attendance Tracking Facility  

Attendance tracking is a breeze nowadays. Whether you're at the hotel or on the go, you'll receive instant updates on who's present. Plus, our app automatically detects meeting locations for smooth coordination.  

Built-in Timer  

You can easily schedule and manage meetings with just a few taps. Our built-in timer keeps discussions on track, ensuring that everyone stays focused.  

Task and Contact Organization  

Task and contact organization are quite easy to create, organize, and manage contacts, never missing a follow-up or opportunity. With simple lead stage updates, your pipeline stays organized and up to date.  

Overall, our myhotelCRM app is a game-changer for hotel sales management. Its intuitive interface, coupled with powerful features like business card scanning, attendance tracking, and location awareness, makes it indispensable for modern hotel sales managers. Just stay ahead of the competition and enhance your hotel sales. 

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