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How does myhotelCRM Maximize Hotel Sales
27 March, 2024 by
How does myhotelCRM Maximize Hotel Sales
Jonathan Pimento
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In the world of hospitality, managing the sales pipeline is a pivotal task for sales managers. In the past, before the advent of CRM systems, sales teams relied on planners, diaries, or even Excel spreadsheets to handle their daily queries. However, these methods proved cumbersome, often leading to missed follow-ups and lost sales opportunities. 

Bingoforge is a premier Hotel Sales CRM Solution partner committed to assisting the Hospitality Industry with a comprehensive CRM Solution. Our mission is to empower Hotel Partners of all sizes to maximize their Sales Team Revenues. 

We have over 300 Hotels, Resorts, and Clubs across India, Bingoforge Pvt. Ltd brings forth myhotelCRM, a specialized CRM meticulously tailored for hotel sales personnel. This innovative software not only streamlines sales processes but also boosts revenue while nurturing enduring client relationships. 

MyhotelCRM encompasses all facets of hotel sales, ranging from data management and lead management to digital marketing and sales pipeline tracking. It serves as the ultimate sales automation tool, capable of meeting all the demands of modern hotel sales professionals. 

Key Benefits of myhotelCRM:

Contact Management: Efficiently organize individual and company contacts for personalized interactions.

Secure Data: Ensure the privacy of customer data with dedicated systems for each client.

Reporting: Gain valuable insights into sales performance for continuous improvement.

Follow-Ups: Stay on top of follow-up tasks to ensure timely communication.

Revenue Boost: Target marketing efforts effectively to increase sales revenue.

Email Marketing: Run impactful email campaigns directly within myhotelCRM for enhanced engagement.

Comprehensive Management Tools: Manage hotel operations efficiently with a comprehensive suite of tools.

Mobile Accessibility: Stay connected and productive with the myhotelCRM mobile app.

MyhotelCRM Sales Pipeline Journey:

New Prospect: Track and manage leads from initial contact to conversion.

Flyers: Distribute promotional materials to enhance brand visibility.

Demo: Conduct product demonstrations to showcase hotel features.

Proposal: Deliver customized proposals promptly to meet client needs.

Hold: Temporarily place leads on hold for further consideration without losing track.

Agreement Management: Send and track agreements to expedite deal closures.

Deal Closure: Successfully convert clients and foster stronger relationships.

MyhotelCRM is the ultimate solution for hotels seeking to optimize sales processes, enhance customer experiences, and drive revenue growth. With our product, hotels can surpass the competition and thrive in the dynamic landscape of the hospitality industry.

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