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Benefits of myhotelCRM in the Hospitality Industry
13 March, 2024 by
Benefits of myhotelCRM in the Hospitality Industry
Jonathan Pimento
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In the phase of industry challenges, myhotelCRM reshapes the way hospitality business functions. Being a game-changer for the hospitality sector it transforms operational methods and sales experience for hoteliers into a enjoyable work experience. 

So, what does myhotelCRM offer you 

Guest Profiling: Understanding your guests is paramount in hospitality. MyhotelCRM facilitates detailed guest profiles, capturing accurate records, Communcation history preferences, past interactions, and store information with precision. 

Lead Generation: In the dynamic world of hotel sales management, myhotelCRM serves as a friendly guide, streamlining lead capture from the hotel’s social media sites, brand websites, dedicated emails etc., ensuring no potential business slips through the cracks. 

Sales Pipeline: The myhotelCRM sales pipeline is a roadmap guiding your journey from discovering opportunities to sealing the deal. From initial contact to victory, this straightforward process simplifies and optimizes the sales experience. 

Banquet Sales: A magic wand for event planning, and a complete banquet sales process that includes managing an effective pipeline and follow-up tasks, creation of event proposals and contracts, to a Function prospectus. The banquet calendar streamlines scheduling and ensures a smooth flow of events, from weddings, mice, and conferences to social events. 

Proposals: MyhotelCRM auto creates the proposal after customizing the customers need and the CRM auto calculates all requirements of the event saving time and efficiently delivering results without any hassles. create, submit and track the request akin to having a personal assistant for winning over clients.  

Expense management: Employees often have expenses like travel, meals, supplies etc. Managing and reimbursing these costs can be tough. With myhotelCRM, you can track all expenses in one place and manage them effectively, offering streamlined solutions for expense tracking and management, effectively addressing the challenges linked to employee expenses. Once the expenses are submitted the approvals will be done by the managers. 

Budget Module: It's a tool where managers set sales targets for their team within a certain time frame. A sales manager can monitor the progress of a salesperson, it's easy to exact budget reports with myhotelCRM. 

Rate Management: In myhotelCRM, the rate management module (RFP TOOL) allows users to create negotiated rated contracts for their corporate / travel agent customers. When a customer books a certain number of rooms or banquet halls, this rate is then bookable. These discounted rates once loaded in the CRM are then submitted to manager for approval, once approved the rate is sent out to the customers through myhotelCRM as well as syncs with the hotels PMS. 

Reports: MyhotelCRM streamlines the process of generating sales activity reports for managers by automatically tracking metrics such as the number of sales calls, meetings, leads generated, and deals closed. This time-saving feature enables hotel managers to effortlessly access detailed reports and monitor their team's performance. 

Data-Driven Decision-Making: Handling vast amounts of data daily, myhotelCRM provides analytics and reporting tools, enhancing decision-making with insights into guest data, revenue trends, and marketing campaign success.

Integration with Other Systems: Seamless integration with PMS and marketing platforms ensures a cohesive and interconnected approach to managing various aspects of the business. 

As hotels and hospitality businesses face challenges, myhotelCRM becomes the catalyst for significant changes, opening doors for growth, operational efficiency, and creating outstanding experiences. By tackling problems and seizing new opportunities, myhotelCRM empowers hotels of any size to boost sales team revenues. 

Founded by Mr. Zubin Billimoria, myhotelCRM stands out as a dedicated CRM Solution partner, supporting the hospitality industry with a comprehensive solution. Evolving with technology, myhotelCRM's underlying goal is to consistently provide delightful experiences to everyone in the hospitality industry. With over 300 hotels currently benefiting from its daily sales operations management, myhotelCRM remains committed to its mission of empowering the hospitality sector.

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