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Exploring the Difference between MyhotelCRM and Regular CRM
19 April, 2024 by
Exploring the Difference between MyhotelCRM and Regular CRM
Jonathan Pimento
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Our company Bingoforge is a leading Hotel Sales CRM partner to over 200 hotels, the product is named myhotelCRM. Some of the other modules in the CRM include a complete Contact Management app, a Lead Management app, Proposal & Contract app, an RFP Rate Management app Flexi Dashboard, Expense Management, an Email Marketing app, and PMS interface and more.    

Let’s first see what a regular CRM is. CRM full form is Customer Relationship Management. It’s widely used globally across many industries for managing their interactions with their valuable customers in order to improve business relationships.  Traditionally, CRMs provide general related solutions which are applicable to diverse businesses and one such remarkable industry specific CRM is myhotelCRM which is a Software Solution for Hoteliers. We cater to some of the exceptional needs of specific sectors. 

Here, we will explore some of the key differences between myhotelCRM and a regular CRM. We will highlight some of our specialized features and functionalities too which are entirely focused on the hospitality industry. 

Focus of the industry - 

At BingoForge, we are specially polished for the hospitality sector, as we address some of the distinct needs of hotels, resorts and accommodation providers. Our product myhotelCRM incorporates certain specialized modules for managing of the guest reservations, housekeeping schedules, room allocations, and even guest preferences, all of which are closely observed with the workflow of hospitality businesses. 

On the other side, a regular CRM is designed to meet the needs of businesses in different industries like healthcare, finance, retail and such industries. These businesses provide generic features like sales automation, contact management, reporting and such customization. 

Lead Management: MyhotelCRM offers facets that are tailored to enhance the way you manage your leads. It allows you to capture any preferences of your lead,manage special requests, track out any feedback of a prospect and personalize communication to nurture long lasting loyalty.  

On the other hand, a regular traditional CRM would focus on managing interactions with their prospects, leads and existing customers. Though they may possibly track customer communications and such interactions, they lack any specialized features like personal guest specific needs. 

Revenue Management: The hotel sales CRM softwaremyhotelCRM embodies more technologically advanced revenue management tools which are tailored towards the hospitality industry. It enables hotels to enhance the room rates as per the market trends, the demand of forecasting, competitor analysis, and maximizing revenue and profitability.  

Whereas a regular CRM may offer few generic reports and analytics capabilities for sales performance tracking. However, they won’t provide specialized revenue management features. 

The regular CRM may offer basic functionalities for management of bookings and appointments, but lack complexities needed for any hospitality sector. They may not support crucial features like channel integration, rate management, or room allocation. 

Enhancement of Sales Experience: MyhotelCRM has features that are entirely dedicated to enhancing your hotel sales experience, we understand exactly how to improve youe sales process and make it more efficient. 

Hotels today lose over 70% of leads each day as we as hoteliers do not have the right Sales Tools.  MyhotelCRM  delivers exactly what is needed for hotels to manage their sales and exceed expectations. 

With the right to a regular CRM, they would focus on improvement of customer satisfaction across many industries but would not offer tools to enhance the experience of guests in the hospitality sector. 

We, at BingoForge, prefer our valuable customers' comfortability at first. They are our valuable guests for decades to come. 





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