Why Select  Bingoforge  as your GDS Audit Partner?

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GDS Distribution has been key for Travel & Hospitality B2B Sales. We at BingoForge have worked as GDS Product Managers with partners i.e. Amadeus, Abacus, Sabre, and Travelport. Our GDS audit skills have helped Hotels maximize their GDS revenues for more than 20 years. 

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We have trained over 1500 agents using  GDS services. We understand the domain of GDS distribution as a Travel Agent and a Hotel. Our skills have helped us train our Hotel customers to get the best out of a GDS sales channel. 

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RFP Management 

Have managed over 500 RFPs since the last 15 plus years. A certified Lanyon RFP Instructor and provider. The right RFP management shall help you close more and better Corporate RFP programs including Consortia. 

Some checkpoints

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  • Is your Hotel GDS booking low?

  • Would you like your GDS channel to drive incremental revenues?

  • Would you like to maximize your revenue potential through the GDS?

  • Would you like to see how hard or easy it is for a travel agent to locate your hotel(s) on the GDS?

  • Would you like to be assured that your GDS listing is up-to-date and follows the industry best practices

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