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Is my team driving revenues?

Hoteliers today have been trying all possible avenues to maximize revenues and using different mediums to drive their sales revenues.  The reality though is that hotels are today losing money every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year and many years in the past. This loss of revenue continues.

To make it verse we pay commissions to drive more sales via agents and resellers. Well for sure we need partners who can help us expand our business but have we ever focused on how much we lose just because we do not have the right process or tools.

Hotels today lose over 30% to even 50% of their leads which is loss of direct conversion and revenue. Businesses lose revenue also because they do not have processes or are unable to maintain all their data and link it to best suit their business model.

Blog by : Zubin Bilimoria, Co-Founder & CEO (BingoForge / GeoTechnoSoft)

Opportunity Loss = Revenue Loss

An opportunity loss = revenue loss, every day you receive many queries from various sources. E.g. Website, Calls, Direct customers, Partners, Resellers, Emails etc. Question is with so many queries diverted to different departments or employees via all the above sources do you have control over these leads as well as the stage they are in?

Most hotels do not know of the number of leads they receive daily. Question is really, how many of such leads really turn into an opportunity? You can get as many leads as you want but if you cannot convert them to an opportunity then you have a DEAD LEAD

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So what do you need to do to stay on top of it all?

You need a solution that will enable you to manage all sources of direct leads and manage them in order to be able to convert from a lead query to a Revenue. 

BingoForge, has just the right solution for you. A one-stop solution that will enable your sales team and reservation office too, to record and convert sales.  A powerful yet easy to use and quick to deploy solution. Automate your entire Lead to Sales process. 

Setup reminders, track your daily activities / meetings, check you pipeline, check your overdue activities and expected closures. All for the present day as well as the Next 7 days Track performance and opportunities.

Systems empower people to be accountable so give them a framework to use so that you can get on with the important stuff, like growing your business.

Empower your team …. So they can run their daily operations. 

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