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Are you unable to manage your lead conversion?

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Are you loosing revenues to OTA's?

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Are you unable to take control of your daily sales activities?

Well, we have a solution that fits in just for you. With over 25 years of domain expertise, our solutions are built for today's hotelier

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Why do you need a Hotel CRM?

  • Most hotels today lose over 30% in terms of sales conversions.

  • This could be a combination of room, F&B, and Banquet.

  • There is no accountability of a lead and no mechanism for a proper sales pipeline as well as next action of the pipeline.

  • A lead could take a month to close with proper follow up. However, hotels without a CRM could be losing out on such follow up for closures.

  • In short loss of revenue.

  • There is a lack of understanding within the industry.

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Advantages of using a Hotel CRM

  • Convert Lead to Opportunity and to WIN.

  • Capture Website leads directly into your CRM.

  • Do away with spreadsheets, diaries etc.

  • Track all your customers and leads from the CRM, anytime, anywhere.

  • Track all your meetings, next actions, contracts, quotations from the CRM.

  • Send quotations and contracts 

  • Add your daily sales report directly into the CRM and generate any type of report on the go.

  • Assign leads with a team or a sales manager /executive.

  • Create individual dashboards for quick access to report or data.

  • Set reminders. Check your overdue activities and expected closures.

  • All the above for the present day as well as the Next 7 days.

  • Track performance and opportunities.