A HOTEL SALES CRM – Now that works for you!

Do you know how much business you would be losing daily because of not using the right sales automation solution?

I was at a hotel chain discussing revenue management with a Revenue Manager and Director of Sales. As always as in every hotel property or chain the top always is one that is discussed and so are the objections. Well, you must have guessed this one by now already.

How do we drive more direct sales and reduce the heavy commissions paid to OTAs? Well, it is not about doing away with OTA business. No one would, and it would be stupid. However, considering reducing the OTA share of business and improving more direct sales revenues in a way forward.

I have trained over 1,500 or more travel & hospitality friends by now and this is a challenge that has been there for years and the practice of Revenue Management has been followed through from Airlines and now with Hotels. A couple of years back when we spoke about driving more direct sales the focus was more on Hotel Websites or Corporate Business Sales. Well, it is no different now, with a few more sales channels now being added and the number of OTAs on the rise and dominated by a handful of them.

Well, coming back to the point that a Hotel’s best direct sales channel is its own hotel sales team and employees. I believe we are all selling in one way or the other. Leads are generated daily, however managing these and converting them from a Lead to Opportunity and closing the same is critical. Today times have changed and using a Sales CRM is not just enough. Using the RIGHT Sales CRM is important. That is why we had launched Bingo Hotel Sales Automation (BingoHSA). Sales CRM that works for you.

As a Hotel Sales Manager especially in a Chain or Large Hotel property, it becomes very difficult to keep a check on your customer requests, reply them on time as well as ensure you follow up on time. If you do not have the right mechanism to manage this and more than you would not just be losing revenue, but also giving your competitors the opportunity to earn that business.

Sales Managers need a tool that will allow to help them with multiple tasks in their day to day sales as well as a smart reporting tool that would help generate multiple MIS reports. A solution that works and helps you with your daily sales reporting on the move and takes away all additional data entry work and helps you focus on your core i.e. closing more sales opportunities.

Look at your SALES CRM with a person that wears multiple hats. Bingo Hotel Solutions is a one-stop sophisticated Hotel CRM Solution that will change the way you work and for sure GROW YOUR BUSINESS.